5 phone apps for busy women in Singapore

We love tools that free us up from the daily chores and bring things we love closer. So here are 5 Singapore apps that will make any busy woman happy.

HopHop Chef app - book a local chef to cook at your home
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1. HopHop Chef (www.hophopchef.com)

Do you love good food but have no time for cooking? Book a chef to cook at your home with the newly launched HopHop Chef. Choose dishes you like from the app and select chef’s time of arrival. Chef brings ingredients, cooks, serves on your plates and leaves your kitchen clean. All in 2 hours.
Price: $120 for 4 people inclusive of food and a chef.

HopHop Chef is available on Google Play and iOS App Store.

Image source : media.zenfs.com


2. Honestbee (www.honestbee.com)

Hate queuing at grocery shops? Delegate grocery shopping to Honestbee.  Shop from multiple grocery stores and get the same day delivery.Price: Free delivery for the first order above $10.

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Honestbee is available on Google Play and iOS App Store.


3. Helpling (www.helpling.com.sg) 

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Hate cleaning? Book a cleaner with Helpling to clean your rooms, fridge, windows, oven or do the ironing.  Price: $20 per hour. Helpling is available on Google Play and iOS App Store.


4. Vanitee (www.vanitee.com/sg)

Is a visit to a beauty salon long overdue? Get your mani, pedi, massage, hair and even facial done with Vanitee. Select the service you want, specify the time you want your beauty artist to come and pay online.

Price: $20 – 1000.

Vanitee is available on Google Play and iOS App Store.

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5. HipVan (www.hipvan.com)

Make your home a dream home with design goodies from HipVan. Shop for furniture and decor while sitting on your comfortable couch. Don’t have a couch? Get one from HipVan.

Price: $10 – 1000.

HipVan is available on iOS App Store.

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