Successful Runners Long Kept Secret To Increasing Energy And Stamina


Get out and about

The best way to improve your stamina is to run, run and then run some more. It may be slow going at first, but it’s important to note that one of the biggest pitfalls is going too hard and hurting yourself. By gradually increasing the length and speed you run, you can see positive changes over time.

Cross-training is another very effective way of building your stamina and making sure you don’t get bored with your workouts. By adding other strong cardiovascular activities like cycling or swimming to your routine, you will be more likely to see an improvement in your running time.

Sort your diet

When you think of food as the fuel for your body, it makes sense to watch what you eat. Making sure you eat enough carbohydrates to give you energy and plenty of protein to repair muscles after a run can help you reach those fitness goals. You’ll find that by eating a healthy diet you’ll have more energy thanks to all the vitamins and nutrients you’re feeding your body.

You may also want to consider taking a supplement such as Swisse Ultiboost Immune – a comprehensive formula containing vitamin C, zinc and copper, for natural defence and reduction of tiredness and fatigue – to help support your immune system and protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Apps to give you a push

You can get an app for everything now, and running is no exception. C25K (Couch to 5k) is a great option for complete beginners, while Nike+ Running adds a competitive angle for those who want to beat their friends and then brag about it over amino shakes. But if you really want to put your money where your mouth is you might want to try Pact, which rewards those who meet their fitness goals with cash.

Avoid injury

Although no one gets injured intentionally, there are many things you can do to keep your body pain free. If you’re planning to run a marathon – or any other long-distance race – it’s a good idea to plan well ahead to give yourself enough time to prepare. If you’re feeling any pain or discomfort, it’s best to ease off for a while and let your joints and muscles repair themselves rather than risking major damage.

Watch out for your joints, which are prone to running aches and injuries. Taking Swisse Ultiboost Joints may help you achieve your running aspirations as it contains key ingredients beneficial for joint health: glucosamine, a naturally occurring chemical found in the fluid that surrounds joints; and wild krill oil, a source of omega-3 with antioxidant support.

Smile more

Running has been proven to make people feel happier. Not only will you start to look fitter, which is a confidence boost in itself, the act of running releases endorphins into the brain that trigger a happy response known as “runner’s high.” Even if you don’t make it to marathon levels, running any distance long or short will do wonders for your mood.

The biggest factor to improving your stamina is having the dedication to keep training, even if your progress is slower than you anticipated or your muscles are beginning to ache slightly. Once you get into a routine, you’ll be able to work your way to longer (and quicker) runs, and all that effort will seem worthwhile. Standard Chartered Marathon, anyone?

Get a run for your money

One of the world’s premier running events, the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) is actually a number of events including a full and half marathon, an Ekiden for six-runner teams, a 10km course for runners of all abilities including the wheelchair-bound, and even a (very) popular 700m kids’ dash. The SCMS rolls around every year, in early December, and registration wraps up at the end of November but most events are fully booked well before then.

The SCMS also attracts a large number of family and friends out to support runners in the various races, with a resulting carnival atmosphere, so even if you’re a non-participant it can still be a lot of fun to go down and soak up some of the marathon excitement. Check out the SCMS website if you’re interested – but hurry, because registration ends 30 November


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