Bring joy to the dinner table with these 5 simple games

The dinner table is an excellent time for families to reconnect at the end of the day — but some families miss this opportunity by getting into the habit of watching TV during dinner. We’ve got a few ideas to bring fun back to dinnertime.
Dinner time table games
Bring the fun back to the dinner table
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1 Dinner guests

Ask each person at the dinner table who they would like to invite to dinner and why. The dinner guest can be anyone from any period in time. This game can either end up being a fun way for your kids to showcase what they have learned in history, or a startling look at how much your kids know about celebrities. For an added twist, write down all of the choices and imagine them all at your table at the same time. What would they have in common?

2 Finish the story

Remember “telephone” from your childhood days? This is an updated version of that game for the dinner table. Start a story, and let each person take turns adding to it. Each person can either add one sentence, or a whole segment of the story. Start working on the conclusion as dinner is coming to an end.

3 A day in review

Each family member takes turns talking about his day, but first picks a letter that is off limits. Words beginning with that letter may not be used in the description of one’s day. The words used for substitution can make these tales an entertaining vocabulary exercise. Make sure each family member gets a chance to talk.

4 Pig

This quick and easy little game involves the throwing of dice (2 to 4). Each person at the table takes turns rolling the dice, and tries to be the first one to reach a score of 100 without rolling any ones. If a 1 is rolled, that person’s score is wiped out and must be started again. This is a great game for older kids who can add quickly, or older siblings can help the younger ones keep score as a team.

5 Who am I?

Everyone picks a famous person, without revealing their choice to the group, and then “becomes” that person. When it is your turn, you give a brief narrative on who you are, without revealing too much. You may adopt your chosen person’s mannerisms for added effect. For example if you chose Cher, you might flip your hair over your shoulder and twitch your lips. The others at the table take turns asking you interview-like questions. Your family can decide if you answer the questions simply, “yes” or “no” or if you may elaborate. The first to guess your identity wins that round.

Dinner is the perfect time to connect with your family and bring everyone closer. Try some of these games or come up with your own, and bring the fun back to dinnertime.

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