10 Signs that She is Ready to be Your Life Partner


Guys, are you in a relationship and wondering if the girl you’re dating is the one person you want to spend your entire life with? Well, check out these 10 hidden traits and if you check more than 6, it’s time to start looking at BTO projects and bind her to you for life as soon as possible. Before it’s too late, yeah?

She’s easily contented
Even if you can’t give her the best in life, she’ll still stick by you through thick and thin because she doesn’t need material stuff to be happy as long as she has you.

She’s selfless
Marriage, even relationships, are all about give-and-take. If she’s not selfless enough to sacrifice and give in occasionally, you know that the relationship won’t end well. After all, there’s only so much you can give in before you get frustrated and decide that enough is enough, right?

She’s strong emotionally
When it comes to starting a family together, both the guy and the girl will face obstacles that seems insurmountable and stresses over practically everything, because it’s an area in life that’s so new to them. If your girl is strong emotionally, both of you can comfort and support each other in times of crisis.

She’s doesn’t spend much
If she still spends on branded bags and chases after the latest trends, you’re going to have a hard time paying the bills, paying off the loans and providing for her. The lesser she spend, the more the both of you have to pay for the necessities.

She can cook passably
Because, hey, it’s expensive to eat out and sometimes, even if you can cook, it’s awesome to have her cooking a meal for you in your own little world, no? And she doesn’t need to be a world-class cook, because whatever she cook, will taste delicious to you. Guys, agree?

She can take care of you
Of course, we’re not saying let her take care of you while you laze around doing nothing. But if your girlfriend is able to take care of you and support you in times of need when you’re dating, you’ll know she’ll be the perfect mother for your children.

She’s independent
A marriage is between two person, and both of you need to toughen up and support the family together. Now, imagine a marriage where instead of the wife and husband sharing troubles together, the man is doing everything while the woman just relax and leave everything to him, which one would you prefer to be?

She’s competitive
She’s going to do the best she can, and in the process, ignite your competitive spirit to do the best you can as well. This way, the both of you can grow together as a couple.

She’s tolerant
If she’s doing great at tolerating your antics when you’re dating, even when you know you’re particularly irritating or being a MCP, then you know she’ll make a good wife. Because after marriage, the things she has to tolerate about you will only increase.

She has got great people skills
Hey, she has to have great people skills because you don’t want to be stuck between your mother and your wife every single time you come home, right?

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