Don’t Date These 6 Women If You Want To Be Successful!



There is a woman behind every successful man is a term common to everyone. However this does not apply to every women that men will come across in their lives. Here are 6 women to steer clear of if you want to be successful!

The Bossy One
Being bossy is second nature to this woman as if it is ingrained in her DNA. Yes, she may appear cute when you first approach her, but over time this trait is poisonous and you might find it hard to be with her.

The Paranoid One
She is always worrying about you not being faithful to her. This may be due to bad experiences in relationships in the pass and she is not trusting of men. She may seem attractive at first sight due to her vulnerability.  However her distrust of men will make it tiring for you when she accuses you once too often.

The Clingy One
This woman is one of the toughest partners to be with. It would be sweet to have her missing you all the time and wanting your attention, however this will become poisonous to the relationhip over time as you will feel choked by her demands for your attention.

The Never Hungry One
She is constantly worried about her figure and appearance and is perpetually on a diet. She will complain that she is overweight and not eat when you are on dates with her. This may seem as a plus point at the start of your relationship as it means she would not gain weight being with you. However I’m sure it is no point to eat alone on a date.

The Party Girl
She is always seen out at parties and is usually the life of the party. You may find her attractive due to her carefree and wild nature. She may be good for the party but what about when she is not out at parties. This girl may be running away from her problems by partying and it may be too late for you to realise that when you get involved with her.

The Drama Queen
The drama queen is damaging for a relationship as she thinks that the world revolves around her. She is immature and will throw tantrums as often as you change your underwear. She is also prone to mood swings and will constantly be wanting to have a quarrel. This is one woman who would literally drain your soul.


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