Road Trip Rules for Healthy Eating

Heading out on a road trip with family or friends is exciting! Such a journey can help you create cherished memories, strengthen your relationships, and release the stresses of life.


When driving from place to place, you’ll almost certainly want to indulge in the various cuisines you encounter. After all, that’s a big part of enjoying the full experience of the regions you visit.

It’s nice to know that you can savor the local flavor without giving up healthy eating.


Adapt these road trip rules for eating to enjoy the best of both worlds:


  1. Plan stops ahead of time. One of the most foolproof ways to maintain healthy eating habits when on a road trip is to plan food stops ahead of time. Advance planning will enable you and your traveling companions to eat at the opportune meal times, choose healthy options, and avoid getting cravings with every restaurant sign you drive past!




  • Use a map to plot out your stops, and then research the available eating options in each location. That way, you’ll have control over what you eat. You can find good locally-owned restaurants with a variety of regional dishes to choose from.

  1. Pack healthy snacks. Even with planning meal stops and eating on schedule, you’re bound to get the urge to snack when you’re on a road trip. Take along plenty of healthy snacks to satisfy your inklings to nibble as you view the countryside.


  • Pita chips with salsa or hummus is perfect because it’s both healthy and easy to eat while you’re driving.
  • Fruits like apples, bananas, grapes and berries are also convenient, healthy, and not messy while you’re trying to drive.

  1. Time your final pit stop for each day. Make your last meal stop close to dinner time, but also close to your rest stop for that night. That way, you won’t end up getting hungry when you finally settle in.


  • Once again, using your map will allow you to determine the best food stop closest to your night’s rest stop.
  • Plan to eat your heavier meal at lunch and then choose a last stop for the day that has menus with lighter, healthier options.images (1)


  1. Order group meals. Ordering for the group as opposed to individual meals will allow you to control your portions easier.


  • You won’t be as tempted to clean a large plate of food to avoid wastage. Group servings are usually just enough for the number of diners.

  • Eating as a group can also help you to gauge exactly what you’re consuming while on the road. This may be especially helpful if you have kids. Group choices make it easier to keep track of what they’re eating as well, so their experience isn’t limited to the same old kids’ meals throughout your trip.

Group dining

Does the open road beckon you?

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With these road trip tips, you’ll enjoy the experience of visiting different locations and tasting their cuisines, and head back home weighing the same as you did when you started out!


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